Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Join THE HUNT... in Curacao!

Placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list for its architecture and colors, Willemstad boasts of different things to see. There is the oldest functioning synagogue in the Americas, a floating market, a skyline of colorful buildings and a swinging bridge to name a few. 

Sadly enough many visitors to the island do not get to experience these things up close. This is because motor vehicles can not pass through most streets. Aside from that most visitors do not get to know the local food or interact with any locals at all.

For this reason The Hunt Curacao is launching a scavenger hunt that will let every participant experience every aspect of Willemstad. They will get to see the buildings up close, interact with locals and know the culture more in depth.

The first Hunt will be on March 30. 

There will be a giveaway of 10 tickets from 3/12 to 3/26. Winners will be announced of March 27. Head on to to join in on the giveaway.

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Anonymous said...

Some relatives of mine have went to Curacao on a cruise stop. I look forward to visiting this lovely island and staying there longer than a typical 8 hour cruise stop